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Health is wealth, and when it’s about your little munchkin, it’s all the more precious. With a number of health conditions occurring these days, the need for neonatal and paediatric intensive care units have grown by the day. Your doubts and concerns also are bound to increase and that’s what we’re here for on this page, to answer some of the frequently asked questions. So, here we go. Scroll down to find all your answers.

Why does a child get affected by infections at birth?

There are different reasons that can affect the child while in the mother’s womb. Genetics also play a role in certain cases, but the mother’s personal hygiene and habits play a significant role. Also, if the mother has a health problem, that can be a huge factor affecting the baby at birth.

Will my child be able to play sports after recovering from a health condition?

Yes. Your child will be able to take up their favourite sport after recovering from a health issue. You must be careful about the rest that your child gets, the nutrition and have routine check-ups post the treatment to track the progress in your child’s health. We help you with all that can keep your child healthy and avoid any chances of side effects of the treatment.

Will my child be as normal as other children?

Most of the children grow up to be healthy and as normal as other healthy children. Sometimes, if the child has undergone a treatment for a very serious health problem such as a congenital heart problem or an asthma attack, he/she might have to be on medication for sometime which might make his/her health a bit fragile. However, there will be nothing to worry about in the long run.

Will the illness relapse?

No. Usually in cases of congenital problems, once the treatment or surgery is done, the problem does not relapse. You will have to be a little careful with food and nutrition and a few other tips by your paediatrician for better health of your child.

Does radiation and chemotherapy affect the child’s learning abilities?

Radiation and chemotherapy can make your child feel weak and fatigued. However, you can compensate all the weakness with healthy nutrition and a positive attitude that can make things better for your child. Proper guidance by your paediatric oncologist and other healthcare providers can help your child build more confidence and cope with all the problems they might face. At Sai Siva Children’s Hospitals, we have a team speech therapists, physical therapists and other medical and non-medical staff who cater to improving your child’s learning and grasping abilities.

What kind of diet should be given to children recovering from critical illnesses?

Diet definitely plays a significant role in helping your child grow healthy. Especially after a condition that has made them weaker physically and mentally, you’ve got to be more cautious about it now. Foods rich in all the essential minerals and vitamins such as calcium, vitamin a, b, c, d, e, and k have to be given in good quantities. You must ensure lots of fluid intake that will help your child be hydrated.

We hope these answers gave you some of the clarity that you were looking for. In case there are questions that we haven’t answered, feel free to get in touch with us.

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