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When you enter the new role of parenthood, you’re completely filled with joy. It is indeed a wonderful experience, but brings a lot of learning too. It’s about learning to understand your baby’s expression and figure out their overall health. Since they cannot express what they are feeling, parents play a critical role in understanding the state of health of their children by observing them carefully. That’s the art and science of parenting.

Learning to understand your newborn’s gestures and bodily functions are important in ensuring their overall well-being. Here is where your paediatrician (pediatrician) can help you. So, let’s look at what they do in particular.

What does Paediatrics deal with?

Paediatrics is all about medical care of infants and children till they attain puberty. The kind of health problems they have differ from adults. Their immunity and functioning are quite fragile as compared to adolescents and adults. This makes it even more challenging to treat them if they fall ill, or have a health issue. The medicines that are usually prescribed for older children and adults are not recommended for younger children because they are stronger, which might cause side effects.

Hence, the medical system has brought in an advancement which deals with special care and treatment practices for neonates and kids.

Paediatricians and their role

A paediatrician plays a significant role in your child’s health, which makes it important to find the right one for your child. They are specially trained in tracking and understanding your child’s behavioural patterns as well as their body’s functioning. In fact, they also take a lot of pains to keep their practices updated with various educational requirements even post their master’s degree in paediatrics. This is what makes them more compassionate, patient and skilled in bringing positive changes to your child’s health.

Best Pediatrician In Hyderabad

Here’s a brief list of all that your paediatrician does:

  • They perform diagnostic tests.
  • If you have a newborn, they will give them all the important vaccines and inform you of how to calm the child when in pain.
  • You paediatric specialists keep a track of the growth and development of your child and make sure they meet their growth milestones properly.
  • They help you with the nutrition and diet that need to be given to your child.
  • Diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses that your child might have.
  • They answer your queries and inform you all about your child’s growth development and fitness progress.
  • Also, last but not the least, they will also refer you to specialist in case there is a serious issue that needs to be resolved at the earliest.

Department of Paediatrics – Sai Siva Children’s Hospital

At the Department of Paediatrics at Sai Siva Hospital, we understand that making decisions about your child’s health and how to go about with taking care of them further, is a great deal. This has led to bringing in a great team of best paediatricians (pediatricians) in Hyderabad having a vast experience in treating hand handling children. Our paediatric specialists are also trained in child psychology, which helps them with special skills in diagnosing health issues, and plays a crucial role in treating their problems with faster and smooth recovery. We assure you of the best of facilities and care from our medical and non-medical staff

We have the most sought after paediatricians (pediatricians) in Hyderabad practicing at Sai Siva Hospitals. With state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment facilities, we promise that your children will grow up o be strong and smart individuals.

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