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When you see your child growing each day, and every hour, it gives you a wonderful feeling. Doesn’t it? But then, if there’s something that’s holding your child’s development back, it has to be addressed. It could cause delayed milestones and other difficulties, and that’s certainly not what you want your child to go through. What could be the right solution for this?

A treatment?

What does this particular assessment and medical assistance involve? Take a quick glance at all that you need to know about Developmental Paediatrics.

If you are wondering what developmental paediatrics is, it is a relatively new service that the medical system has introduced, for the benefit of children who face motor, physical, and behavioural difficulties during their initial growth years. Developmental paediatrics plays a crucial role in tracking the growth and development, and helps you build a plan to get them be normal.

Now, before you look into the details that development paediatrics deals with, it is important to understand what factors can affect your child’s growth, and how it can be managed in case of a situation like that.

Factors that affect your baby’s growth and the role of developmental paediatrics

Your child’s growth depends on a number of factors, and the most important ones might depend on your pre pregnancy medical conditions (if any), if you’ve ignored certain habits that should be avoided during pregnancy, certain genetic carry forwards, if you are too young or too old for a pregnancy, or if you’ve had a pregnancy complication. These can be managed with proper assessment, care and precautions during your gestational period. However, if in any case your child faces a delay in milestones, developmental paediatrics can make a difference.

Developmental Pediatrician

It is all about a little patience and some extra efforts that you will have to put, in collaboration with your doctor. Here comes the role of developmental paediatrics, in improving the following delays:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Language and speech problems
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD)
  • Socialising problems
  • Autism in children

As a parent you will have to help our doctor by reporting each and every issue or improvement that you notice in your child after starting the therapy. You will also have to work on your child’s improvement by participating in most of the specialised activities that your doctor will recommend. At Sai Siva Children’s Hospital, we have a full fledged team of doctors who work towards improving most of the mentioned conditions. They first study the child’s condition in depth, and formulate a treatment plan. You will also be asked to get certain tests done if required, before starting the therapy.

Department of Developmental Paediatrics – Sai Siva Children’s Hospital

The Department of Developmental Paediatrics has a team of speech therapists, normal paediatricians, ENT specialists, physiotherapists, and child psychologists who team up to provide the best possible treatments and bring in a great deal of improvement in your child’s development. We have all the best facilities in terms of exercise rooms, speech therapy techniques and much more with the best medical and non-medical staff supporting the cause.

We strive to help all those children facing developmental delays, as we believe they are our future. We work today for a better tomorrow. So, if you have been looking for developmental treatments for your child, you’ve landed on the right page. You can get in touch with us through emails and calls to book your consultations.

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