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Is CPAP A Solution For Children With Sleep Disorders?

Is CPAP A Solution For Children With Sleep Disorders?

Have you ever had a sleepless night? Most probably, yes. Even though the next day is a challenge, yet, once you sleep the next night, things seem to get back to normal. Now imagine if you had to go through this night after night. You’d be left with no energy to do anything at all. If this is too hard for an adult to handle, you can understand that sleep disorders in children can be quite difficult.  Children become very cranky, not just causing health issues in them, but also making it difficult for their parents, who, in their children’s best interests, try everything they can to soothe theme.

Sleep Disorders: Are All Types Bad For Your Baby?

Sleep disorders can range from mild to acute and generally become a cause for concern. Many associated problems come with the loss of sleep, and can usually wear anyone down over time, degrade children’s overall system and also could affect psychologically.  Sleep Disorders

Sleep Apnea: A Form Of Sleep Disorder

One of the more acute sleeping disorders, known as Sleep Apnea is considered one of the most lethal kinds of sleeping disorders. Patients suffering from it have breathing troubles while sleeping and they experience a total stop to their breathing during this period.

Sleep Apnea is also of two types – 

Obstructive Sleep Apnea:  This is the most common type of sleep apnea, where the patient experiences blockage of the airway. This occurs when the soft tissue at the back of the throat tends to collapse when the patient goes to sleep.

Central Sleep Apnea: This kind is different, and unlike the obstructive variety, the airway is not blocked; instead the brain in the patient fails to send the necessary signals to the muscles which enable them to breathe. This occurs due to the instability in the respiratory control centre.  In both those kinds, the biggest challenge a patient faces is the inability to breathe. Doctors, who have been researching these problems for quite some time now have had a few takes on several solutions, but one of the most comprehensive solutions they recommend to patients suffering from Sleep Apnea is through the use of CPAP machines.  CPAP machines for Children

What are CPAP machines?

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, and it is a device that functions by helping in keeping the airway open by gently forcing pressurised air into it. It does so through a tube attached to the patient’s face in the way of a wearable mask over the nose and mouth while sleeping. This helps the body to breathe as much as possible and helps in curbing the problems sleep apnea tends to create on the patient.  Doctors, however, recommend CPAP something of a stop-gap solution to patients and help them focus more on changing lifestyles and other aspects about their lives that might be the cause of their sleeping problems. CPAP, however, is a terrific solution to help patients ease through as they suffer sleep apnea and go through the severe disadvantages of the disorder. CPAP, helps the person sleep better in a sleep apnea condition, and supports the body to restore little parity as it enables the airway to remain open and supply the body with vital air it needs.

Conclusion Many children who use CPAP to solve their Sleep Apnea problems seem to be comfortable with the machine. It is bulky, and many experience a strange feeling to sleep using the aid of a device. However, CPAP is an essential element to solving the problems Sleep APnea could create, and the disease itself is a lethal one, causing many short terms and long-term health problems.

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