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Paediatric surgery is a medical sub-speciality under pediatrics, which deals with various surgical treatments for infants, toddlers and children who’ve not yet attained puberty. Paediatric surgeons are professionals who create a pre-operative plan based on the diagnosis of your child’s problem and execute it too.

Physiological and psychological limitations play a significant role while crafting a strategy to perform surgeries on a paediatric patients. There are umpteen speciality areas of paediatric surgery involving neurological, gynaecological, cardiothoracic, and urological surgeries. Also, there is a new entry to this field which is a relatively more intricate and challenging development – Prenatal Surgery.

The physiological and psychological differences between paediatric and adult patients make a huge impact on the treatment procedures that need to be performed. This will need your paediatric surgeon to have special skills. Take a quick look at the requirements.

1. The surgeon should have completed four years of medical school
2. Should have undergone two years of special residency training in paediatric surgery
3. Should have been practicing general surgery for five or more years

Performing a paediatric surgery always comes with a number of factors involved, which we, at Sai Siva Hospitals take close consideration of. The main factors are based on the improvement of the child’s condition. Your doctor must be able to gauge if the problem or illness can be resolved without a surgery.

In cases where surgery is the only option, the paediatric surgeon must be cautious about the possible implications of the diseases and the surgery with specialised attention and monitoring. Our paediatric surgeons are proficient in this aspect and make sure of having no complications.

Department of Paediatric Surgery – Sai Siva Children’s Hospital

The Department of Paediatric Surgery at Sai Siva Hospitals is fully equipped with cutting-edge technology and facilities that provide the best of diagnosis and treatment procedures. We would be glad to help you know how your child is doing and create a route to better health. Our team of general paediatricians and paediatric surgeons work together to come up with innovative solutions and treatment protocols to treat your child without letting them experience pain.

Pediatric Surgeon In Hyderabad

Paediatric surgeries involve different levels and degrees which need a lot of skill and patience, which you will find in abundance with our specialists. Here’s a list of the surgical treatments that we perform at Sai Siva Hospitals.

  • Paediatric Urology
  • Laparoscopy and Thoracoscopy
  • Paediatric chest surgery
  • Paediatric Trauma
  • Paediatric cancer surgery
  • Neonatal surgery – In case the baby is born with an anomaly that can be surgically resolved.

If you have any more queries that you’d like to ask about paediatric surgeries, we are here to help you. If you have a family history of any anomaly, and you think you might be a carrier of the same, our surgeons can guide you through over the best possible solutions. So, feel free to contact us.

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