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It is a pleasure to have a tiny little new entrant to the family and it’s all about the forthcoming joy that you’re looking forward to. The excitement that comes along gets you to preplan a lot of things for your little one. You start buying baby bottles and think about how to raise the child, buy clothes and much more. But then, there’s something which is a little more important and you don’t want to miss on it.

The immediate care is medically termed as ‘Neonatal Care.’ So, let’s look into what neonatal care is all about and when would you need it.

Neonate is the term used for infants, starting from their birth to a month. In some cases, the babies might need extra care and monitoring for certain medical conditions that might have occurred either as a pregnancy/delivery complication, or if the baby is born preterm.

What do the obstetricians and paediatricians do during neonatal care?

1. Assess the baby’s breathing pattern after the transition from the amniotic sac to the extrauterine atmosphere.
2. Evaluating the baby’s organ functioning, and keep a track of any improvements or abnormalities.
3. Providing a comfortable feeling where the baby feels as safe as being inside the amniotic sac.
4. Helping the baby bond with the mother through the body’s touch and sensory recognition.

The entire process of bringing the baby to terms with the new atmosphere, is all that newborn baby care focuses on. At Sai Siva Children’s Hospital, we have a team of obstetricians and paediatricians who
specialise in neonatal care and treatments.

To have a little more information in detail, let’s look at the different levels of neonatal care:

Neonatal Care
  • Transitional care: Transitional care is what babies might need treatment that can be monitored with the mother being by the side. They do not require to be kept in the incubator.
  • Low dependency care: Low dependency is usually for normal babies who are healthy and growing, but might needs minor medical attention, and do not require to be constantly monitored.
  • High dependency care: High dependency care is for babies who are recovering from a critical illness that needs constant monitoring and medication.
  • Intensive care: Intensive care refers to care that preterm babies born at least 2-3 months early require. They are kept in the incubator until they become stable enough to be exposed to the normal atmosphere.

Certain problems that neonatal care is considered for seriously:

  • If your baby is born too early
  • Having certain physiological defects
  • If your baby is born with jaundice
  • If the baby is born with exceptionally low weight
  • In case there is a complication that causes the cardiorespiratory system of your baby weak
    Fluid in the head that causes an elongated looking head.
  • Any other genetic or developmental defect.

Department of Neonatal Care – Sai Siva Children’s Hospitals

The Department of Neonatal Care at Sai Siva Children’s Hospital is run by highly qualified and experienced neonatologists, who have been treating neonates with a 100% success in their treatments. All the babies they have treated till date have grown to be strong, healthy and happy babies. At Sai Siva Children’s Hospital the newborn baby care department is well equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and neonate monitoring equipment.

The medical and the non-medical staff is also trained and skilled in handling newborns with utmost care and compassion. If you are looking forward to having your delivery, we’re here to guide you through every aspect of what can happen and what are the chances of you requiring a newborn baby care unit for your child.

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