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IAP Recommended Vaccine for High Risk Childrens

1. Influenza Vaccine
2. Meningococcal Vaccine
3. JE (Japanese Encephalitis) Vaccine
4. Cholera Vaccine
5. Rabies Vaccine
6. Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine (PPSV 23)

Height and Weight Chart

High Risk Category Children

1. Immunodeficiency Child (Cong or Acquired)
2. Chronic Cardiac, Lung, Liver & Renal diseases
3. Children on Long term Steroids, Salicylates & Radio Theraphy
4. Diabetes Mellitus, CSF Leak, Cochlear Implant & Malignancies
5. During diseases our breaks
6. Laboratory personnel & HCW (Health Care Workers)
7. Travelers

Vaccination Schedule

Important Information:

1. HepB (birth dose) : Administration to all new born before hospital discharge
2. OPV in place of IPV, If PVC is unaffordable / unavailable
3. Addition doses of OPV on all SIA’s
4. Rotavirus : 2 doses of RV-1 (Rotarix) & 3 doses of RV-5 (Rotateq)
5. Typhoid : Re vaccination every 3 years
6. TdaP preferred toTd, followed by repeat every 10 years
7. HPV Vaccine : HPV4 (Gardasil) – 0, 2, 6 Months (or) HPV2 (Cervarix) – 0, 1, 6 Months is recommended in a 3 doses only for females.

Parent Notes:

1. Mother & Father’s Love & Care is most essential for basics.
2. Immunization is recommended to protect your child from certain infections disease
3. Vaccines can be given in the presence of a minor illness
4. Prior to immunization, information your doctor if the child has had any reaction to the last dose.
5. After Immunization, reactions are usually mild & self limiting.
6. Any Local reactions managed by cold cloth at injection site if severe pain & fever (>380c) managed by paracetamol, extra fluids, wears light clothing. Tepid sponging
7. Please consultant your doctor for any severe reactions.

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